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Welcome! This community is entirely dedicated to the actress Rachelle Lefevre, best known as Victoria in Twilight. I decided to create it because I personally met her, and she was the sweetest person ever! I truly admire her, and I think she deserves all our love ♥.

Feel free to post anything you want: news, pictures, videos, icons, fan art...anything related to Rachelle :). Just follow some simple rules, please:

1. Use tags in your posts!
2. Post only Rachelle related stuff.
3. Use lj-cuts when images are too big, or when the information is too long.
4. Keep the font in the default size/color.
5. Do not promote your own communities without asking.
6. Respect other users.
7. Have fun! :)

» Rachelle Lefevre

For those who may not know who Rachelle is (shame on you!)...

Rachelle Marie Lefevre (born February 1, 1979) is a Canadian TV and film actress born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. She was 18 years old and working at a sushi restaurant called Kaizen when a regular customer recommended her to his casting director friend. Without a CV or head shot in hand, Rachelle auditioned for a small role in the teen sitcom Student Bodies but failed to get the part. She then got a callback to star in Big Wolf on Campus.

Rachelle appeared in several Montreal productions before her first starring role in an American series, Fox' sitcom Life on a Stick. She has since worked on several television shows and movies alongside popular names in Hollywood. In the fourth season of Boston Legal, she got a three-episode character arc, playing a high-profile escort named Dana Strickland.

In 2008, Rachelle was cast in a David E. Kelley pilot, Life on Mars but was soon replaced by Gretchen Mol. As of 2008, she has been living in Los Angeles, California continuing her work on film and television.

If you want to know more about her, visit her IMDB or her Wikipedia page or her official Twitter.

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